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We buy, renovate, rent & manage residential property

IMMO owns and manages high quality, safe, eco-optimized rental properties in and around key cities in Europe. Although we are an English company, we have operated in Germany and Spain for a number of years. We are now starting to build our UK presence. We work closely with pension funds and other groups who want to acquire and retain diversified portfolios of residential property long term.
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We were awarded "Technology Pioneers" by the World Economic Forum.


Countries (UK, Spain, Germany) where we are buying and renting properties


200+ Team members expert in their field from 36 countries

£2 bn

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My partner and I had found our dream home and needed to move fast on our sale. When we heard about IMMO, we knew it was our best option to take out the uncertainty around timings and price. They were everything they said they would be.


I wanted to move into a retirement home and the agents told me that I would have to do a lot of cleaning out of my apartment, as well as some repairs. I just didn't want to make selling that hard, so I chose IMMO who didn't need me to do anything and the sale was private and fast.


“I had my apartment on the market for months. I couldn't get a straight answer from my agent about why it wasn't selling. IMMO were great after I contacted them, they agreed a price and exchanged on my timings.”


“With four kids, we just couldn't figure out how to synchronise selling and buying without moving into temporary accommodation in between. We chose IMMO because they were professional and happy to work on our timings. Thanks again.”

Sonia & Hank

“We had owned our home for 26 years and wanted to move to Spain. We know all our neighbours and just wanted a private, quick sale without loads of people tramping through the house and the neighbours looking at our place online. IMMO was so easy and efficient, we just wish we could buy from you as well.”

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