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What is IMMO ?

IMMO was established in 2017 to transform the archaic housing market into being equitable, safe and accountable. We buy, renovate, rent & manage residential property professionally. IMMO is an owner of property portfolios for ourselves and other companies. We work closely with pension funds and institutional investors who want to acquire and retain diversified portfolios of residential property long term.

Why should I sell my property to IMMO?
  • No selling fees
  • Once you have an offer from us it is guaranteed, both price and timing
  • we are a cash buyer
  • Our financing is in place & ready to use
  • We can make you an offer within 48 hours of receiving  your property information
  • We only need one viewing
  • We make the process easy with our experienced team who are available for all yuour questions throughout the process
  • The sale process is private so you wont have lots of people visiting your house
Where does IMMO get the money for its investments/purchases?

We use our own money as we are an established company who own hundreds of properties in Europe

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